J R Ledgers. Your go-to for Payroll and Bookkeeping expertise in West Yorkshire.

At J R Ledgers in Skipton, Yorkshire, we have a particular penchant for numbers. We know numbers, we like numbers and we know how to make numbers work. We realise that not everyone thinks like us, but that’s what makes us unique.

If you’re an accidental Bookkeeper in Bradford, you’re a business needing help with Payroll in Pontefract, or perhaps you’re an Accountant who doesn’t want to tie up your colleagues’ time with bookkeeping, let’s chat.

At J R Ledgers, we understand that not all businesses operate similarly. We will get under the skin of yours and help you as much or as little as you require to make the wheels of Bookkeeping, Payroll and Accounting go around.

Be that a spot of coaching with you or your colleagues, or maybe you’d prefer us to take everything away from you and deliver your accounts back to you all spic and span. Whatever you need, we can do.

As long as it involves numbers, of course!

J R Ledgers, looking after the Bookkeeping and Payroll of many businesses across Yorkshire since 2020.

Our Story

Following a 10-year career as a professional classical musician, which took Joe all over the UK and internationally, Joe has since been keeping West Yorkshire’s Payroll and Bookkeeping standards high, up to date and in shape. Especially given tax is going digital, keeping your records accurate and HMRC at bay is paramount.

If you’re now pondering why a professionally trained classical musician who has played on (recorded) pop songs and TV music is now a bookkeeper, read on.

Being a professional musician takes hours of dedication, hard work, determination, concentration and focus on the end goal. These are precisely the skills required to be an expert Bookkeeper.

With all this in Joe’s DNA, alongside an endless quest to become appropriately qualified (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers with Distinction) to name but a few, you can be assured of the best outcome possible for your business, whether you use J R Ledgers for Bookkeeping, Payroll or coaching. Or, you’re an Accountant looking for a bit of Bookkeeping or Payroll backup.